How much does an EICR cost?

10th September 2021

An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, determines whether the electrical system in a building is safe for use. The team at Ocean City Electrical offer affordable pricing for EICR testing services. We also offer further checks and remedial work if required.

Getting an EICR is important to ensure the safety of your property. Although an EICR is not a legal requirement for privately owned domestic properties, it is still highly recommended you receive an EICR for your private property regardless. As electrical installations and equipment deteriorate over time, it’s important to keep your electrics well-maintained through routine inspections. Electrical faults can pose a potential fire hazard, so you could be putting your tenants or loved ones at risk if you neglect to get an EICR.

What happens during an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

We will test your electrical circuits, main fuse board, fittings, earthing and bonding, as well as your plug sockets. We also carry out tests in areas considered high risk, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The team at Care Protects pride ourselves on being thorough. We will even go as far as to check your fixed appliances for any potential electrical faults.

Will I require further checks?

Depending on your property, it may be necessary to carry other further checks. Once we have completed your EICR, we will return the paperwork to you with any additional steps that require further action. Your report will feature several different codes. Each code corresponds with an action you will need to undertake.

Is the report a legal requirement for landlords?

An EICR is a legal requirement for any commercial building. As of the 1st of July 2020, the report is also a requirement for landlords. All landlords in the UK must have a valid EICR for their rental properties carried out every five years. If your EICR is not up to date, you could be putting your tenants at risk of serious injury or death. You could also be fined up to £30,000.

How much does an EICR cost?

The cost of your EICR will be dependent on the exact specifications of your property. Before deciding on which company to purchase your EICR from, it’s important to do your due diligence. Make sure your chosen service is professional and trustworthy. In larger installations, it is perfectly legal to only sample 10% of your circuits. This is misleading, and not recommended. When weighing up your options it’s important to ask what percentage your chosen service will be testing, especially when comparing prices. One service may stand out as being cheaper but may only test 10 – 15% of your circuitry. You should also be wary of contractors who price their EICR service cheaply. They may make up the difference in remedial repairs. Consider what each service is offering you and choose accordingly.

The team at Ocean City Electrical price our EICR service per circuit, starting at £120 plus VAT for up to 8 circuits. Additional circuits are charged at £15 each plus VAT. This will usually cover a small to medium-sized home but is dependent on the size and exact specifications of the property. For an exact quote, it is best to contact Ocean City Electrical who can give you an accurate quote based on the exact specifications of your home or rental.

Getting an EICR at Ocean City Electrical

At Ocean City Electrical, we pride ourselves on delivering professional and high-quality electrical services to both commercial and residential properties. Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise and have decades of experience working in the electrical industry.

If you have any other questions, please see our informative FAQ section below. If you’re ready to book your EICR, then please do not hesitate to contact the team today.

What is tested in an EICR?

Your electrician will inspect several areas in your property to ensure your EICR is thorough and accurate.

  • Consumer Unit (main fuse board) – Your electrician will check for signs of damage and carry out the relevant test.
  • Sockets Plugs – Your electrician will check for any obvious signs of damage and carry out the relevant test, such as RCD trip times.
  • Light fittings – Similar to above, your electrician will check for any obvious signs of damage and carry out the relevant test.
  • Light switches – Your electrician will check for signs of damage and carry out the relevant test.
  • Earthing and bonding – Next your election will check that your gas and water bonds are in the correct location and are of the correct size.
  • Kitchen – Your kitchen sockets will be tested and inspected for any signs of damage.
  • Bathroom – Your electrician will check the electrical lighting in your bathroom is fit for purpose and will test any electric showers.

How long does an EICR take?

A typical three-bedroom property will usually take roughly four hours to inspect. Again, it really depends on the exact specifications of your property.

What do the codes mean?

Following an EICR, you may notice a series of observations made by your electrician. These will be listed on your Fixed Wiring Report and will be listed as a series of codes.


A (C1) observation means ‘Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required’. This code poses an urgent threat to the safety of yourself, your family, and anyone else who may be visiting or staying at your property.

A C1 requires immediate action. Once your electrician identifies a C1, you will immediately be notified of the risk of injury that exists should the issue not be resolved.


A C2 code is not as severe as a C1. However, it is still a potentially dangerous issue that could harm the occupants of your home. A C2 is described as ‘Potentially dangerous – urgent remedial action required’. It is likely to escalate further should the issue not be resolved.


A C3 code is described as ‘Improvement recommended.’

A C3 means an issue has been identified that does not comply with building regulations. The issue is not necessarily dangerous and does not warrant an overall unsatisfactory report.


An FI observation code is described as ‘Further investigation required without delay.’

This means that your electrician has observed an abnormality whilst carrying out their tests and usually means they gathered insufficient test results, displaying something unusual that requires additional inspection.

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